by Damian Walford Davies, Siân Melangell Dafydd and Paul White

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Illustrated by: Paul White
Language: : Bilingual

They were the visible representations of power and privilege at the core of ancestral lands. Now they are quietly decaying, the social order that sustained them fragmented into something more equitable yet also more alienating. But they still have the power to compel our gaze and to stir the imagination with thoughts of belonging. They are the lost mansions of Wales.

Paul White's portfolio of stunning 70 black-and-white photographs of these houses represents a significant cultural and historical document, and it is with these images that Damian Walford Davies's English text and Siân Melangell Dafydd's Welsh text continue a keen and intriguing dialogue.

Y rhain gynt oedd yn ymgorffori'r grym a'r braint a oedd wrth wraidd yr hen diroedd teuluol. Erbyn hyn, dadfeilio'n dawel a wnânt, wedi i'r drefn gymdeithasol a'u cynhaliodd dorri'n deilchion a chreu rhywbeth mwy cyfiawn ond mwy dieithr hefyd. Ac eto, mynnant hawlio'n sylw o hyd, gan gorddi'r dychymyg a chymell ystyriaethau o berthyn. Dyma blastai coll Cymru.

Mae portffolio Paul White o luniau du-a-gwyn syfrdanol o'r tai hyn yn ddogfen ddiwylliannol a hanesyddol awgrymog, ac mae testun Saesneg Damian Walford Davies a thestun Cymraeg Siân Melangell Dafydd yn cynnal dialog graff a chyfareddol â'r delweddau hyn.

A new book of photographs and prose/poetry is now out:
Published 31st March 2014

Poet's Graves / Beddau'r Beirdd

When a poet dies, who, or what, has the last word? Is it the well-crafted elegy or epitaph on the gravestone? The poetry bequeathed by the deceased poet? Or is it the silence of the soil?

As the Welsh national anthem testifies, Wales continues to be a land of poets, and this new gazetteer of literary graves locates the respective final resting place of 71 of those poets, reminding us that the burial place is itself a part of each poet’s biography.

160pages, hardback.

Photographs by Paul White
English text by Damian Walford Davies
Welsh text by Mererid Hopwood

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Published by Gomer Press

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