13th January 2015
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New Novels/Novellas coming soon...

THE LIGHT BEYOND THE CLOUDS tells a story of a single man who becomes infatuated with a woman he sees every day walking across a railway bridge near to his home. He eventually builds the courage to speak to the woman but just as he does, she jumps over the barrier and into the path of an oncoming train.
In his grief the man decides to investigate the woman’s death and discovers she was married with two children. The man begins to watch the dead woman’s husband and decides the husband was the reason she decided to take her own life.
The man decides upon revenge and finds he has come across more than he had bargained for. Accidently he kills the husband’s brother. The husband and man must face each other and fight out their differences, whilst the dead woman watches over her protector, assuring him he is on the right path and murder is the only way to avenge her death.

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Novella can be found here:

'The Black Earth' is a story of a man who leads a content and compact life until that is, his parents and then his daughter dies. His relationship with his wife breaks down and he finds himself alone and unable to contain his loss. He begins to wander the hills of home and makes a horrifying discovery which acts as a catalyst to an unfortunate chain of events.


A new novel set in modern day Romania.

Orlando Hypocrite wakes in his hotel room to find his wife and daughter have been brutally murdered. He remembers nothing.

He is arrested and questioned. The chief investigator, Detective Albescu, senses that it is a set up and the two men begin to piece together Hypocrite’s memories from the time leading up to the murders.

Orlando begins to have flashbacks of the night and as the police gather evidence in his defence, Hypocrite wonders if he is indeed guilty of killing his wife and daughter.

To be released soon... haven't had time to edit it yet!


Ricky Ryan has been in a near-fatal car crash. He has spent the last three months in hospital slowly recovering from his injuries. The thing is with Ricky, that this isn’t the first car accident he’s been in where he has almost lost his life. This has happened four times before. It seems he has date with death and somehow keeps cheating it, literally by the skin of his teeth.
Ricky’s life has changed this time around though. When his wife, Maggie, comes in to visit him in hospital she announces, whilst she thinks he’s unconscious, that she’s been having an affair with his brother, David. She also tells Ricky that she’s leaving and planning a new life with his brother.
Once Ricky recovers he returns to his house, most of the contents have gone; Maggie has gone. Ricky spends a night alone in his empty house but the following morning he discovers Maggie’s body in a freezer in the garage. She has been murdered.
Ricky complies with all the police requests and answers all their questions. He does however fail to mention one thing; Maggie had been having an affair with his brother. Ricky decides to take matters into his own hands and confronts his brother. Unbeknown to Ricky however he is being followed by the determined and unorthodox detective, Tatler. Tatler has a personal interest in the case since he used to date Maggie’s sister, the dominatrix, Bethan. All parties seem so wrapped up in their own problems and identities that none of them have the good sense that the killer will strike again. One by one Ricky’s family are murdered, leaving Ricky to hide away in strange little hotels, praying that Tatler will get to the killer before the killer gets to Ricky.

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Paul White was born in Leicestershire in 1971. He moved to mid-Wales in 1983 where he still lives and works.

He has written two full-length novels, published as Amazon eBooks:
'Winter Daffodils’ which was shortlisted for the Luke Bitmead Bursary 2013 and ‘The Swinging Brick’.

He has also written numerous novellas including: ‘The Man of Cats’, ‘The Woman of Mice’ and soon to be published ‘The Man of Dogs’.

Other novella’s include:
‘Raven on a Molehill’ about a young long-term unemployed man who is forced to work in a care-home, minimum wages and a pair of obsessive identical twins.

‘Edward Mordake’ In Love, At War’ which tells a fictional modern-day account of a young man who was born with an extra face on the back of his head.

‘The Fable of the Hungry Squirrels in the Village of Idiots’ which is a story for children about a old hermit who teams up with a beautiful young adventurer in search of a mysterious lost city buried in an impenetrable marsh whilst being chased by a whole village of idiots.

'The Life of the Spirit' which tells the story of a young disabled boy who goes in search of a big cat in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

All novels can be found below with links to Amazon.

The Man of Dogs (the third in the series ‘Animal versus Man’)

'The Man of Dogs' tells the story of Paul Rochdale, who one stormy day, sees a boy jump into the sea to save his dog.

Paul runs in to rescue the boy but is unsuccessful, he is unable to reach the boy and the boy drowns. The dog, Billy, survives and a friendship forms between the two.

Things become complicated after Paul reports the drowned child to the authorities. It seems there have been no reports of a missing child and the police simply do not believe Paul.

Also on the beach that day were a middle-aged couple, Ted and Mary Tindall, who claim they saw no child, only Paul diving into a dangerous sea with all his clothes on. There was however one other witness, Dora Lycett (otherwise known as Dora the Explorer). Dora is infamous as a hoax caller and was once a semi-professional private eye. The police believe neither Paul nor Dora.

Paul and Dora join forces with Dora’s once step-daughter, Cath – who, as it happens, is a police constable. The three of them begin their own investigation and slip into the dark underworld of hypnotism and death stalks them, with frightening consequences for all.

There is more than a missing child to contend with, as Paul realizes, a little too late, that his dog, Billy, is not exactly who he seems.

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'The Woman of Mice' (Second in the series of 'Animal versus Man')

Elenydd Olwen Lewis has had many setbacks in her life. Her parents died in a freak car accident when she was a child and then her foster parents died a few years later. Now old enough to live alone, Elenydd has moved into her ancestral home in the small village of Llanddewi-Brefi in mid-Wales.

Strange things begin to happen to Elenydd after a few weeks. A talking mouse by the name of Henryk Ripley tries to persuade Elenydd that he works for the Government and he’s investigating various crimes in the village, least of all devil and black magic worshippers. Elenydd brushes Henryk’s conspiracy-theories away but as the weeks pass and more of the villagers are found dead, Elenydd takes it upon herself to find out who is behind the evil that lurks beneath and behind closed doors in the otherwise quiet and idyllic village.

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'The Man of Cats' is the first in the 'Animal Versus Man' series of novellas...

Murdoch Michael's lives alone with his cat. He has just had to kill his cat after she killed her own kittens. He intends to bury the cat but a cold spell has just hit the country and the ground is frozen solid. He puts the cat into a sack in his garage. This is when his real problems begin. He is suspended from work, his best friend comes to his aid and suggests they rob a multiplex cinema. The raid is a success but then his best friend is found dead. Murdoch also has love problems. He despises his girlfriend and she feels much the same about him. He starts to chat online with another woman and he begins to plan his escape. The cat remains unburied in his garage. The cat goes missing and is replaced with another dead cat. Before Murdoch knows it he has fifty dead cats in his garage, his best friends head in the boot of his car and two women fighting for his attention.

'The Man of Cats' can be found here as an Amazon Kindle eBook by clicking here:

The Swinging Brick

'The Swinging Brick' tells the story of Nell Keyes. Nell is eighteen years old and after a decade of therapists and medication has decided to leave her family home and to move in with some friends. Her friends are exciting; they drink, do drugs, find themselves in all kinds of mischief.

At the head of Nell's new house is Joyce McNamarra. Joyce can out-drink, out-drug anybody. Joyce and Nell become close friends and begin to experiment with drugs and before long they share a bed. Nell begins to fall in love with Joyce but Joyce isn't a woman who anybody can possess or control. Slowly Nell becomes jealous of Joyce's flirtatious manner, her gregarious way of life and she decides if she can't be with Joyce then neither should anybody else.

Nell plans her perfect murder but it seems before she can act, Joyce has her own plans for her erstwhile friend. It takes a trip for the house of drunken mates to the sunny holiday resort of Llandudno in North Wales for the true violence to begin. Only one of the girls will return.

Available here as an Amazon eBook:

The Life of the Spirit

The Life of the Spirit is a novella about a young disabled man who goes in search of a big wild cat in the Brecon Beacon’s. He is accompanied by his father and his friend. The three of them are ill-prepared and soon realise that it is they who become the prey.

Jim Knott’s is a paraplegic, his legs are withered and shrivelled things which he wishes one day could be magically fixed. Jim is eighteen years old and lives with his father, Jenson, in an old caravan infested with vermin. His mother died in childbirth and ever since then his father has been building a new home for the two of them. That was twenty years ago and the house is far from finished.

Jim’s friend Johnny calls one day, Johnny is the same age as Jim. He has been in and out of mental institutions ever since his first love left him five years ago. Johnny is everything that Jim is not. He has character; witty, smart, handsome and never seems short of money. Johnny begins to discuss a recent sighting of the big cat and claims it may well be a full-sized African tiger.
There have been various sightings of the large cat (named ‘The Beast of Brecon’) in the local news.

Jim decides he will show the world that even when you’re born without legs it is still possible to achieve the impossible, in this instance, to capture and bring home a live African tiger.

As soon as Johnny and his father get wind of Jim’s plan the three of them head up into the lonely hostile unfriendly black mountains of Brecon Beacon’s and see if they can find the big cat.

The Life of the Spirit is available as an Amazon eBook. Please click here to view:


Out soon: 'The All-Clear' which is about a respected doctor who purposes tells women with breast cancer that they are 'all-clear' from the disease.


To read the book 'Hungry Squirrels in the Village of Idiots' for free (on PDF) please click on the link below:

Hungry Squirrels In The Village Of Idiots


‘EDWARD MORDAKE: in Love, at War.’

A fictional account of the life and death of Edward Mordake.

Edward Mordake was reportedly the 19th century heir to an English peerage. He supposedly had an extra face on the back of his head, which could neither eat nor speak, although it could laugh and cry. Edward begged doctors to have his "demon head" removed, because, supposedly, it whispered Satanist language to him at night, but no doctor would attempt it. He committed suicide at the age of 23.
It is difficult to establish the facts behind Edward Mordake's condition due to the lack of reliable medical records. Not even his date of birth and death are recorded and there are conflicting accounts regarding his suicide, as well as placement and position of his extra face. Much of what is known is based on oral retelling. (Taken from Wikipedia).

The novel is set in modern day England and depicts Edward as a shy, house-bound young man who cares for his ill mother but whom, one day whilst shopping, meets a girl in red trainers. A relationship begins.

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'Hungry Squirrels in the Village of Idiots' is a short childens novel, with a few adult themes.

A man called Winter Solitude lives a solitary life on a mountain in an unnamed region of Europe. His house overlooks a vast unpopulated stretch of bog called the Ordain Marsh. Legend has it that the bog was once home to a large city which sank in the swampy mud thousands of years ago.

One day a young woman comes calling on Winter. She asks him to be her guide through the bog in search of the lost city. The two of them make an unlikely alliance whilst being chased by the local village of idiots (and a few hungry squirrels) who wish to see Winter removed from the mountain once and for all.

Amazon eBook for Kindle:


Raven on A Molehill

Amazon Kindle eBook: (for Amazon Kindle)


Royston Hale is a young man with his whole life before him. He is also one of the long term unemployed. All Royston Hale wishes to do is to go camping in the countryside. Instead, much to his horror, he finds a job. Worse still, it's in a care home called 'Hilltops: Home for the Elderly, the Demented and the Misinformed.'

Royston has to deal with more than the care homes forty residents; first there’s the bitch-manager, Stephanie, who watches over Royston with a stern and malicious eye. There’s also the huge Ethiopian refugee, Archibald Marigold, a colleague who may, or may not be, having an affair with Royston’s wife, the beautiful Arabella, who works in the kitchens.

If all this wasn’t enough for Royston, he is also being stalked by the care homes most notorious and malignant residents; the identical twins, Franny and Roberta Rome. Franny and Roberta will get their man. They do not quite know what it is they will do with him when they have him but have him they will!

‘Raven on a Molehill’ is a short swift ride, where a little event can cause an uproarious consequence. Our unlikely hero, Royston Hale, manages, mostly unsuccessfully, to climb through the smallest of fiery rings. But Royston is a fighter and dusts himself down after each hard knock, with little more than an internal wink of the eye and gulping down a large stainless steel jug of strong black coffee.

Will Royston keep the job the hates? Will he ever be able to stop grinning like an idiot to the bitch-manager? Will he keep his newlywed wife happy? Will he escape the clutches of Franny and Roberta Rome? And will he ever get to go camping?


Click below to see the first one, with all it's faults!

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Winter Daffodils

A novel set in rural mid-Wales, ‘Winter Daffodils’ is an emotional, character-led story of child abuse, adultery and murder.

A forestry worker, John Lockwood, is on his way home. He finds a young boy wandering aimlessly along an isolated track in the middle of the Cambrian Mountain range in Mid Wales. The boy doesn’t speak a word, he has bruises over his face and his clothes are ragged and torn. John takes the boy to the nearest town but before they reach town the boy, without warning, jumps from the moving van. The boy dies, the van crashes into a house, John Lockwood is thrown from the windscreen and lies unconscious in a front garden.

After he recovers, John finds himself under arrest and subsequently tried and imprisoned for the abuse and unlawful death of the child. After he is sent to jail John’s family are re-located to a different part of the country for their own protection. They are given new names and a new identity. They rebuild their life but after eight years John is released. John’s two children, Luke and Jojo, go in search for him. They want to know where their father went, why he killed a child and if they can ever truly forgive him? The children’s mother is also struggling coming to terms with her own loneliness, the mistakes she’d made marrying John all those years ago and now, an unwanted pregnancy after a brief fling with a work colleague.

When the children discover their father has been released from prison they set out alone on an emotional journey to find him but unbeknown to them they are venturing ever closer to a crooked man called Hamden Jones. Hamden Jones is the father of the dead boy. He is not a man any child, or adult, would ever want to encounter.

As the story twists and turns, the reader enters Hamden’s perverse and warped world. What follows is blend of destructiveness, grotesque love affairs and the two children’s strength of character and sense of justice.


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