www.welshruins.co.uk is going offline for a little while whilst I run some maintenance and edit some of the locations. It has been brought to my attention that others use the locations as seen here for ill-intent purposes and therefore I must accept some responsibility advertising these run-down and empty houses as potential locations for theft.

I will endeavour to get everything back online once I am happy the website can be viewed as intended, as a document of rural ruins in Ceredigion and other places throughout Wales.

This however will take a month or two since I am currently moving house and moving job.

I am also unable to give other photographers location details and I can only suggest that you must do what I have done and that is grab an Ordnance Survey map and scan it for possible locations and then check Googleearth for further information. It can be time consuming and frustrating to walk for a few miles only to find a ruin has been demolished or restored. That's just the way it goes sometimes. Again, I apologise for removing the site. I do intend to put it back online and I will do so as soon as I can find the time to go through each page and edit appropriately. Thank you for your support and patience.

I can be contacted at paulwhite@welshruins.co.uk
Unfortunately I am not able to give out any locations at present. Sorry.

Paul White
28 May 2016