Large Format 5x4 inch Old Work

28th December 2017
Old large format photographs. Not always successful and until now not deemed good enough to add to this site. Nonetheless, hopefully they show some progression!

I have always considered myself first and foremost a landscape photographer, it was after all the land that I had first chosen to document. The trouble with landscape photography is that an image of a certain landscape will only resonant with the viewer if they know the landscape they are viewing. My ramblings were often in and around and over the Cambrian Mountains and most people are not overly familiar with this landscape. Below are examples, mostly in Wales, more than likely in Ceredigion. It may seem that I rarely ventured away from Ceredigion and that is, in fact, a fact...

Llanio, Ceredigion 2015

Pontrhydygroes 2013

Cynant, Carmarthenshire 2012

Llanio, Ceredigion 2015

Llanfechan House, Ceredigion 2014

Tynreithyn, Ceredigion 2014

Llanddewi-Brefi, Ceredigion 2015

Pontrhydfendigaid 2014

Llanon, Ceredigion 2015

Llanon, Ceredigion 2015

Bristol 2003
An abstract photograph of peeling wallpaper on a boarded up shop front. Re-printed and higher in contrast making this a strong graphic image void of emotion.

Bristol 2003
An abstract photograph of peeling wallpaper on a boarded up shop front. Re-printed and higher in contrast making this a strong graphic image void of emotion.

Abstraction 2003

Abstraction, Bristol 2003

Llangennech Park House, Carmarthenshire 2005

Blaen Blodau, Carmarthenshire 2010

Llanstinan house, Pembrokeshire 2010

Penglais fach, Aberystwyth 2010

Llwyn-Ynn, Denbighshire 2010

Peterwell, Lampeter 2013

Abstraction, Ceredigion 2012

Dead Trees, Cwmystwyth 2010

Dead Trees, Cwmystwyth 2010

Dead Trees, Cwmystwyth 2010

Dead Trees, Cwmystwyth 2010

Ceulan Mill, Talybont 2009
Stuffed dead stalk.

Rhuperra castle 2011

Ceulan Mill, Talybont 2009
Minor images in a woolen mill, not completely successful and time consuming exposures!

Ceulan Mill, Talybont 2010

Devil's Bridge ruined hut 2010

Unknown House, Buckley, Flintshire 2005

Abstraction, Devil's Bridge 2003

Abandoned Quarry, Rhayader 1999

Pencoed castle 2009

Cwmystwyth 2009

Rhuperra Castle Service Quarters 2009

Cwmystwyth Mines 1993

Bristol 2003

Blaen Myherin, Devil's Bridge 1994

Bristol 2003

Bristol 2003

Bristol 2003

Lorry, Aberystwyth 2003

Broken Glass on Lorry Windscreen, Hafod 1999
Double exposure.

Cwmystwyth 2004

Caermeirch, Hafod 2000

Unknown house, Buckley, Flintshire 2005

Unknown house, Buckley, Flintshire 2005

Abstraction, Nottingham 1996
More peeled walls, layers of old posters, weather worn and the wording no longer legible.

Road Sign, Nottingham 1996

Rock, Elan Valley 1997

Llyn Brianne, Powys 1993

Grasses, Teifi Pools, Ffair Rhos 1996

Wound up wire, Cwmystwyth Mines 1994

Tree ready for felling, Hafod 1999

Bridge from Hafod towards Cwmystwyth 1994

Swansea Dock 2003

Rhayadar 2000

Teifi Pools towards Pontrhydfendigaid 1999

Swansea Docks 2003

Bristol 2003

Rhayadar 2000

View over Hafod Mansion, Ceredigion 1995
Nice high contrast image, with predominant foreground.

Ruppera castle, Glamorgan 2005
My first few visits to Rhuperra/RuperraCastle were frustrating due to lack of permission to enter. This was one of the better images of those times.

Abstraction, Hafod 2001

Monument, Hafod 1993

Cwmystwyth 1997

Dologau, Hafod 2001

Hafod 1997

Hafod 1998

Abstraction, Brighton 2003

Aberpergwm mansion, Glyn-neath 1997
A similar image already exists on this website but this has some worth too, slightly tighter cropped and shows what remains of the old gated main entrance into the house. Unfortunately this gate has now been lost.

Abstraction, Nottingham 1997

Banc Esgair Mine, FFair Rhos 2009
Much of the metal remains of this mine has now been sold for scrap. i presume this bundle was set aside for scrap. Now gone and the site is much dilapidated.

Cwmystwyth 1996

Nash Point, Glamorgan 2013
Something prehistoric with this image, the dried and bleached seaweed/foliage tumbling down the the cliff face hints at fossilization.

Windy Field, Pembrokeshire 2013

Decayed leaf, Hafod, Ceredigion 1993

PANT-AFALLEN, Pontsaeson, Ceredigion 2015
Interior view, not a great composition due to the doors locked and balancing camera on the windowsill. Only a stones throw from the b-road, I crossed a field, following a public right of way, uncertain if I'd find anything within the small gathering of trees in a dip just over the horizon. The house stood, looking in reasonably good condition, with cement block restoration within the doorway and a rendered front. The roof too, also in a relatively good condition - it seemed Pant-afallen (Pantfallen) has not been empty for so long. However, the windows and doors have all gone and inside was dark and gloomy with furniture rotting black and damp with mould. I did not bother to enter. The staircase also rotten. Barns also all ruined.

Lletysynod farmhouse, Trisant, Ceredigion 2004
The empty shell of this house with sunlit pouring through creating bright patches on the decaying damp walls.

Tanybwlch Beach, Aberystwyth 1992
One of the very earliest large format images taken one summers evening on the beach south of Aberystwyth.

Elan Valley 1994
Another relatively early image, perhaps mundane composition but helps triggers certain memories for myself.

Ruin, Elan Valley 2015

Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire 1994
Taken in the evening and heavily printed to bring out the textures of the submerged grass in sand.

Hawthorne Cottage, Hafod 1993
Early image of the side building next to the cottage before being used as a holiday home.

Hafod, Winter 1995
Not wholly successful. I have often attempted to use the landscape as abstract form and here it is neither an abstraction nor traditional landscape. Perhaps by eliminating the texture of the snow and reducing the image to a black background, white foreground with pale grey strands of grass might improve overall image...

'The Arch', Devils Bridge 2004 - the road has now been diverted to the side.

Urn at Eglwys Hafod Church 1993 - taken through a glass case hence reflections.

Tanybwlch, Aberystwyth 2000

River Ystwyth, Hafod 1994

Abstraction, Swansea Docks 2000

Cwmystwyth Mines 1993 - early image, harsh contrast betwwen tree branches and barren dirty walls of ruins.

Old Door, Aberystwyth circa 2002

Alexandra hall, Aberystwyth circa 1995 -Old student halls before restoration.

Tabernacle Chapel, Aberystwyth 2008 - taken after the fire and just before demolition.

Nash Point, South Glamorgan 2005 - An image which works but lacks a focal point.

Sheep, Cwmystwyth circa 1997 - Taken on a foggy day, mid-winter, hence the sheep circling me, rather than running away. I feel this image could have been improved upon by not using a large format camera, the slow shutter speeds recording the moving sheep as blurred movement.

Hafod 1993 - early large format image of a tributary of the river Ystwyth, not wholly successful but I have always liked to have a centre focal point - a direct response to an image taken by Edward Weston of a palm tree taken early 1900's!

Rock Formation, Aberystwyth circa 1994

Dead Trees, Cwmystwyth circa 1996 - further images of the dead trees above Cwmystwyth.

Delicate Trees at Hafod, 1992 - another early image, taken with Kodak technical pan, the grain is minuscule but the exposure was over a little causing a difficult negative to print.

Teifi Pools towards Claerwen, Ffair Rhos 1993 - unremarkable composition but inclusion here as more of a memory for myself.

Floodplains, Lovesgrove, Aberystwyth 2003

River, circa 1993 - I cannot recall where this was taken but I believe somewhere over the Cambrian Mountains.

Hafod 1996 - always a difficult negative to print due to the film stock of Kodak technical pan and a long exposure and not properly processed! The blurred grasses do however contrast well with the bleached dead tree trunk.

Hafod 1994 - This bridge has now been repaired but not so long ago these pillars were all that remained. The pillars are still used to this day supporting the new swing bridge.

'Unsuitable for motor vehicles' - this image is a simple exposure taken alongside Claerwen reservoir, perhaps some time 1994-95

'Washed up log' - Elan Valley 1996

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