LLANGENNECH PARK HOUSE, Llangennech, Carmarthenshire 2005

LLANGENNECH HOUSE, Llangennech, Carmarthenshire
Notes on LLANGENNECH PARK HOUSE, Llangennech, Carmarthenshire 2005

I was unsure what to expect as I drove through the new housing estate and up to the wooded area where Llangennech House stands.

I had seen an old photograph of the large castellated house and in my research had read that some of the house remained, but I was still unsure if I would find anything at all. After a short search I stood at the tip of an approaching housing development. I saw workmen to my left building part of the new estate and almost presumed that the house I sought would have been demolished many years previous. I was thankfully wrong.

The house stood partially hidden by overhanging trees. The ruins were enormous and eerie with extensive outbuildings littered with dead caravans, one though uninhabited had a radio playing, probably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There were also wreckages of fire engines, boats and other farm machinery. All in ruin, and no doubt, will eventually be swallowed up by the fast approaching urban tide.

The house, like so many of the properties I’d visited, felt out of place in it’s new urban setting. Neglected and ignored for many years it was hard to imagine that soon, if it remained, it would be known as the old haunted house up the hill, the one where neighbourhood kids would at first be afraid to enter, but when they did compose themselves, would perhaps become kindly acquainted with and would remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

Llangennech Park House was previously owned by the Earl of Warwick, circa 19th century, when it was enlarged, only modestly, to the size it is today. During the Second World War it was taken over by the government and thereafter abandoned.

Llangennech ParkHouse 2005

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TY PARC LLANGENNECH. Llanqennech, Sir Gaerfvrddiri 2005
Doeddwn i ddim yn siwr beth i'w ddisgwyl wrth imi yrru drwy'r stad dai newydd i fyny at yr ardal goediog lie saif Ty Llangennech.

Yr oeddwn i wedi gweld hen ffotograff o'r ty castellog mawr ac yn ol yr ymchwil a wneuthum yr oedd rhywfaint o'r ty'n dal i sefyll, ond nid oeddwn yn sicr a fyddai dim ar ol i'w weld o gwbl. Ar ol chwilio am ennyd fer safwn ar gyrion datblygiad tai. Gwelwn weithwyr ar y chwith imi wrthi'n codi rhan o'r stad newydd a bron na allwn daeru bod y ty wedi ei ddymchwel flynyddoedd yn ol. Diolch byth nad felly y bu.

Roedd y ty wedi ei guddio gan goed a oedd yn gorhongian. Roedd yr adfeilion yn anferth ac iddynt naws annaearol a thai allan helaeth.
Codwyd Ty Llangennech ym 1805 ac arferai fod yn eiddo i larll Warwick, ac ef a estynnodd y ty i'w faint presennol. Yn ystod yr Ail Ryfel Byd meddiannodd y llywodraeth y ty ac mae wedi bod yn wag ers hynny.
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LLANGENNECH PARK HOUSE, Llangennech, Carmarthenshire 2005

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