TY CANOL, Elenydd, Pontrhydyfendigaid, Ceredigion 2011

TY CANOL, Elenydd, Pontrhydyfendigaid, Ceredigion 2011 - CEREDIGION FARMS & COTTAGES
Notes on TY CANOL, Elenydd, Pontrhydyfendigaid, Ceredigion 2011

Before you reach the ruined farmstead of Garreglwyd and about 100 foot above the path, there stands the small but well-built farmhouse of Ty Canol. There is a track leading up to the house but few traces of this track remain and gives the impression that this house was built in the 'middle of nowhere' with fantastic views of 'nowhere'. It is true, there are great views from this ruin and it is also true that this was once a secluded spot.

The barn attached give an impression of a longhouse but with further inspection it is revealed that it is actually just built very close to the house. Although the house is obviously roofless it remains, to my eye, in a structurally sound condition. The wind blows hard up here (as I discovered) and the seasons can be harsh thus proving the workmanship in building such a house. An excellent account of the builder and owner of Ty Canol can be found at www.hanesybont.co.uk.

I made a number of exposures here. I had visited before, some time in 2002, mid-summer on a stifling hot day. Today was much different and due to the wind blowing so hard and rocking the tripod and camera I was forced to compromise with the aperture and shutter speed of my lens so not to cause camera shake and render these images worthless.

Like many of these mountian farms, Ty Canol was part of the Nanteos Estate.
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TY CANOL, Elenydd, Pontrhydyfendigaid, Ceredigion 2011

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