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BARON HILL, Beaumaris, Anglesey 2008

BARON HILL, Beaumaris, Anglesey 2008
Notes on BARON HILL, Beaumaris, Anglesey 2008

About half a mile west of Beaumaris stands the overgrown and spectacular ruins of one of Anglesey’s most stately of homes, Baron Hill.

A short walk through a wooded area along well-trodden paths reveals exotic gardens, palms, massive pines and twisted knuckled bark all overgrown and offering surprising viewings.

Although huge in its entirety, no obvious photographic views presented themselves or were easily found due to the mass of brambles and other vegetation. Roofless and too ruinous to enter, Baron Hill, although violently tumbling and emphatically reclaimed, is a beautiful and calming experience. Sun light flickered fleetingly through the heavily canvassed tree tops and large sections of fallen dressed stone stood, as monuments, alongside the ruin.

It was built in 1612, both reduced then enlarged into a very grand house, it was finally damaged by fire during the Second World War and thereafter remained vacant. Sixty years of rain and wind, frost and snow, has taken its toll, as expected, upon its walls. Sixty years: a generation of trees, once small saplings, have grown as high as its walls have crumbled.

The large blocks of dressed stone are soft and weathered, thin layers worn off over the years. The vegetation completes its yearly cycle and slowly eats away at mortar and takes hold of any gaps in the stonework, all contributing to the demise of house and character

There are many outbuildings, all ruined: stables with enormous large wooden doors, all rotting and overrun with brambles. Sneaking views around the grounds show the foundations of greenhouses and other outbuildings, the stone work covered in moss, the beams, windows and door frames damp and rotten, inevitable as time, eating and furthering the decay and finality of collapse.

Baron Hill 2008

Baron Hill 2008

Baron Hill 2008

To read further information on Baron Hill and the recent plans submitted to convert the house into flats please visit the external link:BARON HILL
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BARON HILL, Beaumaris, Anglesey 2008


Photo comment By kallum: i went there with my girl freind ant there was a old horse carrige
Photo comment By Abi: Any news on what is happening to Baron Hill? I love the place, it's so atmospheric.
Photo comment By Abi: Any news on what is happening to Baron Hill? I love the place, it's so atmospheric.
Photo comment By arthur dexter: God I remember so well playing there as a child.What a crime that such a beautiful building has been left to decay and crumble away
Photo comment By arthur dexter: God I remember so well playing there as a child.What a crime that such a beautiful building has been left to decay and crumble away
Photo comment By Tim: Wow Ive lived on anglesey all my life and never knew about this place, Im a photographer and am foing a series of abandoned'deralict building shots and would love to visit Baron hill. Im not sure how you get into the place though, Is there any chance someone could give me directions? cheers ;)
Photo comment By denise: i have always loved the place and remember daily visits all through my childhood.the demise is almost complete now .i have to revisit before it is too late
Photo comment By Richard: The house is private property and anyone going there is tresspassing
Photo comment By malc: richard you are a nob, if i see you there you will go next to the horses
Photo comment By Grant: My great grandmother, Jane Hughes, worked there as a domestic servant in the 1870s. She was born in Beaumaris. I have a letter (dated only Nov. 19th) from Evelyn Williams - presumably the head housekeeper - advising that she was leaving and that Jane would have to seek another situation.
Photo comment By acid: you know here are vampiers there
Photo comment By olga wyn jones: my father-in-law was farm manager and lived in home farm. my children were privileged to wander in the grounds. happy memories for aled anwen and glenda.
Photo comment By Matt: My folks have just bought a place here and on our 3rd visit we've stumbled across Baron Hill on a walk, what an incredible place, such a massive shame it's going to ruin - someone rescue it quick, before it's too late!
Photo comment By David Evans: Haven't thought about this place in years and was only reminded of it by another article I was reading about old ruined buildings. Used to play in here all the time when I was a kid; straight out of the back of Beaumaris Primary and in we went, daring each other to see how far in we'd go. Its obviously had another 30 odd years to rot since then. Shame.
Photo comment By matt: fantastic place
Photo comment By sarah: please can some on give me directions to here xx
Photo comment By chris: Think we met richard today..think your right he is a nob.
Photo comment By Nigel: Knew it existed for years but didn't realise just how much was left standing till I saw these pics! Visited in January 2014, fantastic place!
Photo comment By Daisy: I have visited Baron Hill twice now. The second time, 2013 Father's Day, we got a little lost along the way. We came across an enclosure, small in size. It's fences were barbed wire, there were tanks of rather pungent oil scattered around, and the gate was open. This was all not very far from the house. Creepy, right?
Photo comment By Bella: I tried to find this about 4 months ago but had no luck, we stopped at some gates on the road and then after walking passed fields of cows and a few swampy bits, we came up to a road where we could either go right to a farm, straight ahead to a sort of woody bit and a field after it or left. We tried going right and straight ahead but found nothing. Does anyone know the directions to get there? Thanks :)
Photo comment By Becky: Why is Richard so worried about people wanting to see the beautiful place? the only people wanting to do so are those who greatly love and appreciate it and its historical value, wanting to save it!......unlike the neglectful 'private property' owners who are the ones that obviously don't give a shit about the place Richard, so why give a shit about them and their wanting to selfishly off limit the mansion until it's completely vanished? What's the point of that? Let people enjoy it and photograph it as was INTENDED WHEN FIRST BUILT to be shown off for all it glorious stature... Not hogged and unloved by mean nobbs.
Photo comment By Mike: We tried to find it today but no luck, just checked on google maps and I cannot believe how close we were too it, until a local farmer told us to go a mile down the road the other way. What a prick of a bloke. You don't own the land so why would you discourage people from seeing this beautiful building? If I come across you again when I try and find it you Sir are getting a neck punch.

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